Joseph's Family

We have had a wonderful experience with Dream Doberman Pincher. We will pick them over and over if we were given the chance to.

They kept in contact throughout and it was so great to get photos as we anticipated the arrival of our new puppy. 

Most importantly and best of all, Dream Doberman Pincher provided a loving, healthy, and safe environment for mama dogs and puppies. Their thorough care and concern are evident in all they say and do

We are beyond delighted with our new puppy and grateful he was provided with such a good start. cropped and docked doberman for sale

Cynthia Chemie

Thank you Dream Doberman Pincher for putting a smile on my face always. Alex has been the perfect pet for me. They are amazing! From the moment I met them and their wonderful family of dogs, I felt so welcomed. Alex is my first-ever puppy and I have had so many questions. They answered all my questions and more. I am so in love with my sweet Alex! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Only have one regret, I didn’t get two puppies! I guess there is always next time!

Micheal's Family

We never knew we could get a perfect friend to play with. Our experience with Bella has been the one we will like everyone to experience. Dream Doberman Pincher, we must say we are privileged to have the opportunity of owning a puppy from you. We have always been scared of getting a puppy. Thank you for the help and support to our family. The good work you do will always find the best home for your puppies.

Claudia Family

We are foreigners from Spain. With our numerous tries to own a Doberman Pincher, we finally came across Dream Doberman Pincher which is just the perfect breeder you will ever want to adopt a puppy from. We have been misled by many breeders trying to own a puppy until I found them. We decided to give it a last try and behold it paid off. Lilac has been an amazing baby from day one. She is so friendly and playful. Because of her friendly nature, we take her alongside us anywhere we are going as she doesn’t bark in public. We have been puppy owners for 6 months now. Thank you for seeing us through these months and helping us each time we needed you. It has been the best 6 months of our life given our many failed trials to own a puppy. We decided to send this note just to let you know how our first half a year of owning a puppy has been. The feeling has been awesome. Lilac is so intelligent. She is just a genius, takes to every little command. She is just the best. My husband and I are happy beings with her.

Eric Azefa

As soon as you land on their website, you see a picture of their family which is what set them apart from other breeders. You can really see the love and care they give to the dogs. They were so patient and helpful throughout the entire process, answering every single question, sending weekly pictures/videos and even additional ones when I needed a midweek pick me up. My best friend and I both received a puppy from different litters and they were very accommodating in scheduling our choosing and pick up dates together. Shia has been nothing but a bundle of joy for me, my family, and my friends. He is so affectionate, playful, and just the most adorable puppy – I couldn’t be any happier with my Dobie experience. If you’re here reading this, look no further – I highly recommend it! Thank you 

Boro Araol

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how great Oreo is doing. He’s adjusted really well and loves all the attention! We’ve only had one accident so far.   He has a favorite toy and is quite attached to Dylan my son. I learned that there is a veterinarian on base and have made him an appointment there. Thanks again  I’ve attached a few pictures. I’ll send another update soon. Have a great day!

Zaro jeph

Our vet warned us we had an incredibly intelligent dog that would give us a hard time, but she is so eager to please, training her has been a breeze. Good Job