Thanks for visiting our website. I am called David Athena. The Athena family are the owners of Dream Doberman Pincher. My wife and I are pet lovers so we took up the initiative to breed these lovely dog breeds to satisfy the needs of families who will want to own or add a new member to their family. My knowledge about the Dobie has grown as the years go by as they are a dog breed that is very smart and make us learn new things every day. My history with owning a puppy goes right back to my Christmas holidays when I was 10 years old. My parents bought me a lovely Doberman puppy which I named Liam. Liam gave me a lot of childhood memories when I was growing up as a teen. He was more than a best friend to me. He was so lovely and friendly. Each time I got angry back then about something, Liam was always there to console me and make me smile again. I always thought he could talk as he understood me so much. I always speak to him at times hoping he will respond. Everywhere I went, Liam was with me. I met my wife in college. We were very good friends back then. She loved Liam until she insisted her parents should get her a Doberman. That was how our love for this lovely dog breed grew up. Our dogs use to play together. Unfortunately in our later years at college, I lost my lovely puppy, Liam. We grew up loving each other so much and loving this dog breed. Later on, we got married and with our love for Doberman, we decided to breed and raise this dog breed and why not educate puppy lovers about the importance of owning a Dobie puppy. Fast forward to today, we breed this lovely dog breed in our 3 acres of land where our puppies have enough space to play around. My family and I are dedicated to helping everyone own the perfect, healthy puppy for their home. With our knowledge of this dog breed from childhood, we will say Doberman Pincher is the best dog to own. We spend our time training these puppies and making sure we help families own the most intelligent of this dog breed. Visit our available puppies page to see our amazing puppies available for their new homes

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More information on our Dobie Puppies

All of the puppies above are available and ready for their new homes. We understand many people may have little or no knowledge about this dog breed before owning one. Scroll down below and read more about the Doberman dog breed


The Dobie is considered an easy-going and friendly dog. They are hypoallergenic(But note that hypoallergenic doesn’t mean they can’t trigger allergies. To be on the safer side, consult your doctor on what precautionary methods you can take to lower the chances of triggering your pet allergies.)making them a good companion and family pet. Doberman Pincher is great around children because he is gentle and calm. However, any interaction with small children should be well supervised. This is done to avoid accidents in case playtime becomes a little boisterous. Dobie dogs are wary of strangers but would never show any aggressive behavior unless provoked. They have a fairly strong guardian instinct. These bold dogs are bred to be natural watchdogs and guard dogs because of their protective nature. Dobie is a moderate barker. They are quick to alert family members of intruders. Train your dog on how to distinguish a threat from a friendly individual. This will keep him from barking at anyone crossing your home.

Nutrition and Feeding:

Adult Dobie dogs need 1–2 cups of excellent-quality dog food per day. Before you decide to feed your dog, it’s vital to have a rudimentary understanding of the building blocks of a healthy and balanced canine diet.

Make sure to select a dog food that is rich in protein. Protein, such as beef, fish, eggs, and poultry, helps to build and maintain the dog’s muscles, organs, bones, and immune system.

Whereas good fats, such as chicken fat, lamb fat, and fats coming from sunflower oil, provide energy.

Health and Exercise:

The Dobie dog breed has an average lifespan of 10–13 years. Many ailments and health conditions are hereditary, meaning they are associated with the dog’s breed.

Though Doberman is a very good breed, if not well taken care of, they may suffer from illnesses like Nephroliths (kidney stones), Pulmonic Stenosis. Thus your Dobie needs to feed healthy and well taken care of. Make sure they do a lot of exercises and take them on walks as they have enough strength in them


With the above-said information, we believe you may have little knowledge about this wonderful and lovely dog breed. We are one of the best private Doberman breeders in the country. Scroll top now and purchase one of our healthy Dobie puppies.